Unfortunately, No. Single prints are unavailable because our set up process is done manually and is very time consuming. With larger orders this cost is averaged across many shirts, however with a single shirt the setup cost becomes much higher (per unit) and we do not want to charge our customers large setup fees.
On average our products take between 4 – 8 weeks from the day they are ordered to the day they are shipped, but in a rushed situation your best option would be to call us at 1-866-275-5588 and speak to a sales rep directly to discuss your options for making that deadline.
The minimum order number for each item will be featured on the item’s individual product page, but here are the basics: Screen printing (t-shirts, bags) – 12 pieces. Embroidery (Jackets, work shirts, Hats) – 12 pieces. Drinkware (travel mugs, glassware) – 24 pieces. Keychains/Lanyards – 250 pieces. Toys (customized toy clothing) – 25 pieces.