Company Swag Your Employees (and Clients) Really Want

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Company Swag Your Employees (and Clients) Really Want

So you’re going to get some swag made for your business? Maybe you want to do it for your clients primarily but as you begin your preparation you realize your employees could benefit too! As we learned in our previous blog article, Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Swag, when employees receive company swag it can be a great way of showing you appreciate them and the work they do while also providing you a great marketing opportunity. A study in 2016 regarding popular swag products in North America discovered amongst their polled groups that promotional products are actually “the most highly regarded form of advertising” and that “consumers are nearly 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to internet advertising.”[1] This spanned across all age groups and touches on most market segments. People love free stuff!
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Amazing right? But is all company swag created equally? Maybe not entirely! Not every piece of company swag out there is going to get the receiver pumped up and excited to the same level. What will they be the most excited about you’re wondering? Read on to get some great ideas!

#1. Water bottles!

Golf Lady Drinking Water

Everybody needs to drink water right! And with the rise in the populations desire to be environmentally conscious, single use plastic bottles are on their way out! To replace these we need great reusable water bottles! What better way to advertise your business than with a super useful water bottle affixed with your company’s branding! You’ll be advertising with every sip and your employees will be hydrated and happy!


We love these options and how they provide lots of space to print whatever your company desires on them:

Some folks need to add a little something to their water to encourage themselves to drink, a great way to do that is with this Flavour-it Infuser Water Bottle: 

Most folks are frequently on the go and need a bottle that will stand up to regular travel and being thrown into bags, this Leak Proof Water Bottle will do the job:

A classic bottle, sometimes simple is best! The Tritan Water Bottle comes in a variety of colours and is shatter resistant so you can fumble it from time to time without worrying too much about it breaking:

#2. Coffee Travel Mugs!

Lady Smiling with Coffee

Continuing on the drink-ware theme, travel mugs are essential for most and ones plastered with your branding are great to make your logo travel distances it might not have without it. Not only can travel mugs be used for many people’s lifeblood – coffee, but it can also do double duty to keep hydrated with water. This environmentally friendly product should be a hit with your staff!

We love these options:

Double Walled Tumbler:

Vacuum Seal Tumblers:

Lifestyle Travel Bottles:

16oz Coffee Tumbler:

#3. Tech Accessories!

Pop Socket on Phone Tech Accessory

We live in a world surrounded by and reliant on technology! Chances are, if you own a business you work with technology every day! That’s what makes tech accessories of various types so popular amongst employees. Think functional when you consider tech accessories. What is something useful that your staff is going to want to utilize regularly. The more often they use it the more the brand is seen and exposed to the world!

Some ideas we love:

Bluetooth tracker (stop losing stuff!):

Custom Pop sockets! (Stop dropping your phone!):

#4. Bags!

Woman with Tote Bag


Are you seeing a bit of a trend here? Employees love swag that is functional. If it is particularly useful they are much more likely to get excited about it and are more likely to carry it with them throughout their day to day! Bags are a great option for businesses as they are practically the epitome of functionality and they capitalize on the desire for reusable and eco-friendly gear! Promotional bags tend to generate more impressions than most other promotional items so not only will the receiver love it, it’s going to do double duty and function as excellent advertising for your business!


We suggest a few different options:

The Classic Tote Bag: 

Sporty Duffel Bag:

A super useful lunch bag with a bottle holder: 

#5. Pens

Pen and Blank Paper with Coffee 

Perhaps the most classic form of promotional advertising, everybody loves a free pen! Pens tend to go far with just about everybody! Chances are you have a promotional pen sitting in your pen holder or on your desk right this very moment! They also have a tendency to change hands and get passed off amongst many different owners over their lifespan!

A good quality pen that your employees will covet: 

#6. Outerwear

Puffy Jacket with Logo

Last but certainly not least, employees (and ultimately clients) love outerwear! A cozy hoodie or sleek and functional jacket make for outstanding promotional products and people will get excited by them! They are higher valued items and people know it! Just make sure the logo selected and printed is subtle and stylish and your employees are sure to be rocking that new jacket or hoodie anytime it’s a bit chilly.

Some outerwear we LOVE:

Stormtechs Atmosphere 3 in 1 Jacket:

This stylish coal harbour bomber style:

This essential zip up hoodie (we love how versatile the customization is!):

 Idea Lightbulb

As you can see, employees are usually looking for functional products! They want things that will be useful to them!

The important thing to remember is that each company’s culture is different and ultimately what your team wants could be completely different from the current trends out there! Maybe you’ve got a team who loves hats or you work in a chilly area where warm items like scarves or beanies are coveted? Either way, a fool proof way to ensure you get what your employees would like best is to just ask them!


Do you have a cool idea for swag your company can offer? Let us know as we love to work with our clients to create their dream promotional apparel and accessories.

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Whatever you decide, we are here to support you! Check out our homepage for all your company swag needs!



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